Jamie Hewlett

For my 100th post, here’s a collection of work from my favourite illustrator: Jamie Hewlett.

Tank Girl: a character created during Hewlett’s university years with Alan Martin, eventually became a regular comic strip in Deadline Magazine. Adapted into a film in 1995 (with animated sequences) only to become a critical and commercial failure. The comic is still in publication under different artists.

Cover art for Shade: The Changing Man

The Senseless Things: ‘Got it at the Delmar’ EP

Comic of ‘Common People’ by Pulp

Hewligan’s Haircut‘, a comic for 2000 AD

Mindless Self Indulgence: ‘Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy’

‘Get the Freebies’: a comic strip from The Face magazine. Later adapted into the one-off programme Phoo Action by BBC Three.

The 16s: a canceled comic strip collaboration with Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin.

Virgin Cola TV advert, 1999

Gorillaz during Phase 1 of the project. Hewlett created the band with Damon Albarn.

Gorillaz during Phase 2. (Notice the significant change of drawing style)

Character designs for Jimmy Jane adult toys

Monkey: Journey to the West, an opera featuring English and Chinese-influenced music, martial arts, acrobats and animation. Another collaboration with Damon Albarn. Also used to promote the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the UK.

Part of a series of watercolours sold in aid of the River Basin Programme, an Oxfam campaign working in Bangladesh and Nepal.

‘Stylo’: from Gorillaz’ Phase 3. The first Gorillaz video to have the band entirely in 3D animation.

(Update 25/3/12): Illustrations for Absolut Vodka.

Buy Jamie Hewlett Prints from Pictures on Walls and Artdroids

Watch Gorillaz videos on YouTube

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