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Kaycie D.: Elements

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Kaycie D.


Brian Andrews: Hominid

Brian Andrews


Berndnaut Smilde: Nimbus series

Berndnaut Smilde creates temporary indoor clouds by blasting a fog machine in a room at just the right humidity.

More info with video at The Washington Post

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Help! Remedies press pack

Help! Remedies manufacture non-prescription medication and plasters in Eco-friendly packaging. Their recent press pack contains six samples and an informative book padded using empty gel pill cases.

View the full image set and more info on NOTCOT.

Packaging designed by Pearlfisher.

Help! Remedies

Lorena Turner: Made in China

It is not expected that as consumers we be concerned with the actual production of the items we purchase. In fact it makes us more effective consumers to maintain a perspective that is abstracted from that process. When we buy the basic goods we use on a daily basis, there is an assumption they are clean, untainted, absent of a history. Made in China asks us to reconsider that.

For this project, items made and packaged in China were purchased in US department stores and bodegas. They remained in their original packaging until they were dusted for fingerprints and then photographed under black lights. This process allowed for the evidence of another’s touch, quite possibly the person involved in constructing and packaging the item, to be revealed.
Made in China highlights the human factor and invisible history in each object’s production, and forces us to reconsider the relationship those who are leaving their fingerprints on each item may have with it.

Made in China is not intended to comment on the scale or absurdity of our consumptive practices, but to remind us that we are only one factor in that equation.

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Lorena Turner

Takayuki Hori: Oritsunagumono

Takayuki Hori is a Visual Communication student. His project, Oritsunagumono (things folded and connected) has just won him the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award.

Images here and here.

Christopher Kane: Spring Season ’11 Pre-Collection

Full collection

Christopher Kane on London Fashion Week