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Malika Favre (NSFW)

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200 posts! I love how this blog is getting on. To celebrate, here’s a special post about one of my favourite street artists, FAILE.

FAILE is a US art collective consisting of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Third founding member Aiko Nakagawa left the project in 2006 to create solo work under the name of Lady Aiko. Active since 2000, FAILE’s work consists of mixed-media wheatpasted artwork and stencil. Their work can now be found on a variety of media.




Street Art:

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More images from the Perry Rubenstein Gallery

Margaux Lange

Jewellery made from Barbie dolls:

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Pavel Gubin: Sexy Tina

Certainly the cheekiest bottle concept design I’ve ever seen…

Pavel also created the excellent visualization for Arthur Schreiber’s amazing Samurai Vodka design.

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Brigada Creativa

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Irina Davis: Russian Pin-Up

From the official site:

Because of the devastation of World War II, Russian “girls” in the ’40s and ’50s were taught to be tough and work hard. I am saddened by the fact that Russia never had the chance to enjoy the happy pin-up times of America’s postwar period. In fact, cheerful American pin-up art was considered in Soviet Russia to be politically incorrect, decadent and flat-out immoral, the product of a culture that could never understand the true nature of the human condition.

By photographing exclusively Russian immigrant women in traditional all-American pin-up poses, I am inventing my own genre of Russian pin-up.  My concept is to portray pure beauty, femininity and sexuality, not to objectify but to empower. To those who identify the clues in my work, hidden to most non-Russian eyes, I am telling the story of a crisis of Russian national identity, and the frustration and confusion of self-identification with the Old Country, the New World and a diaspora caught between them. My goal is to bridge the gap and seduce the spectator with alluring imagery, trapping him into empathizing with a foreign element.

Irina Davis

Discovered via: NOTCOT

Kii Arens

Kii Arens (who has a very nicely designed website and a free font.)

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