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Elfandiary: Dailydraw Timelapse






Riusuke Fukahori

Riusuke Fukahori’s 3D pieces appear to be realistic models of goldfish. They are actually flat acrylic paintings in resin.

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Ishac Bertran: Analog Vinyl Sampling

Music sampling has been done for years using different techniques. Currently samplers (either as a piece of hardware or as software) is the most extended tool for playing samples that can come from digital formatted music, live recording, vinyls or tapes. One of the most old techniques for sampling was cut&paste the audio tape.

Driven by my devotion for vinyls and analog processes (perhaps a bit of Dj wannabe too), and emulating the audio tape cut&paste technique, I tried to make the vinyl sampling a bit more analog – literally cut and paste pieces of vinyl to create samples.

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Ishac Bertran

Amy Shackleton

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AUCB Graphic Design degree show: Disperse

Great news! My end-of-year degree show, Disperse, is now online. All our major projects can now be viewed, and it has a great interactive logo. Please take a look! Oh, and my page is here.


David A Smith

Film by Danny Cooke.

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Michelle Phan

Despite the popularity of the subject, well-executed make-up tutorial videos are rare. Michelle Phan however has earned millions of views not only through her impressive creations ideal for casual, special event and costume wear, but with her high excellent editing, picture and sound quality.

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