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Brian Andrews: Hominid

Brian Andrews



Roundup: Two New Cartoon Network Programmes (that have restored my faith in the channel…)


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is being touted as a guilty pleasure by many adults at the moment due its vastly different style to the previous look of the famous My Little Pony franchise. Great quality animation by Lauren Faust of The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Kids fame.



Sneak preview for The Amazing World of Gumball, which will begin in May this year.

Cartoon Network (USA)

Cartoon Network (UK)

SEHSUCHT: Google Streetview

Making of:

Official Project Page

Official Behance


Discovered via: Behance

Chris Milk: The Wilderness Downtown – Arcade Fire

Music video director Chris Milk created ‘The Wilderness Downtown’, a stunning interactive video to Arcade Fire’s ‘We Used to Wait’. Click here to see it (requires Google Chrome, download it here).

The Wilderness Downtown

Chris Milk

Arcade Fire

Jamie Hewlett

For my 100th post, here’s a collection of work from my favourite illustrator: Jamie Hewlett.

Tank Girl: a character created during Hewlett’s university years with Alan Martin, eventually became a regular comic strip in Deadline Magazine. Adapted into a film in 1995 (with animated sequences) only to become a critical and commercial failure. The comic is still in publication under different artists.

Cover art for Shade: The Changing Man

The Senseless Things: ‘Got it at the Delmar’ EP

Comic of ‘Common People’ by Pulp

Hewligan’s Haircut‘, a comic for 2000 AD

Mindless Self Indulgence: ‘Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy’

‘Get the Freebies’: a comic strip from The Face magazine. Later adapted into the one-off programme Phoo Action by BBC Three.

The 16s: a canceled comic strip collaboration with Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin.

Virgin Cola TV advert, 1999

Gorillaz during Phase 1 of the project. Hewlett created the band with Damon Albarn.

Gorillaz during Phase 2. (Notice the significant change of drawing style)

Character designs for Jimmy Jane adult toys

Monkey: Journey to the West, an opera featuring English and Chinese-influenced music, martial arts, acrobats and animation. Another collaboration with Damon Albarn. Also used to promote the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the UK.

Part of a series of watercolours sold in aid of the River Basin Programme, an Oxfam campaign working in Bangladesh and Nepal.

‘Stylo’: from Gorillaz’ Phase 3. The first Gorillaz video to have the band entirely in 3D animation.

(Update 25/3/12): Illustrations for Absolut Vodka.

Buy Jamie Hewlett Prints from Pictures on Walls and Artdroids

Watch Gorillaz videos on YouTube

One More Production: Pixels

Patrick Jean of One More Production created this amazing animation in which giant pixels invade New York City. I can’t upload the video, so click this link to see it.

One More Production

Leo Cross: Caffeine Journey

After Effects video created for our last project on the theme of ‘journey’.

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