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Help! Remedies press pack

Help! Remedies manufacture non-prescription medication and plasters in Eco-friendly packaging. Their recent press pack contains six samples and an informative book padded using empty gel pill cases.

View the full image set and more info on NOTCOT.

Packaging designed by Pearlfisher.

Help! Remedies


Asus: motherboard box as PC case

To down on waste, Asus have created cardboard motherboard boxes to be re-used as the PC case. Video

via IT World

Asus Official Site


The Leaf Bed, as seen above being used in Niger. A cardboard structure in several modules which can serve as a bed, stool or table and contain the user’s belongings. Ideal for camping or temporary housing.

Objects of sound: functional objects designed using the soundwave of the owner pronouncing the object’s name.

Minera: a glass jug with a crystal-like interior. Water flowing down the texture resembles that of caves.

Official Site

Happy Creative Services: Lee bag

To promote an eco-friendly ethic for jeans company Lee, Happy Creative Services produced a bag with many more uses:

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Happy Creative Services

Potting Shed Creations: Grow Bottle

Potting Shed Creations recycle wine bottles and turn them into reusable herb growing pots.

Link via Cool Hunting

Buy Grow Bottles at Potting Shed Creations

Greenwich Letterpress

Beautiful designs are 100% letterpress, powered using 100% wind energy and printed on 100% recycled paper.

Official Site

Justin Gignac: New York City Garbage

Justin Gignac has been selling boxes of litter from New York since 2001 and has now sold in 29 different countries. The project raises points about the importance of good packaging design, the value of American products and how one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

Special edition boxes include garbage collected during special events such as Obama’s inauguration.

New York City Garbage

View more boxes at Flickr

Justin Gignac on Behance

Justin Gignac Official Site