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The Fun Theory

The Fun Theory give awards to people who come up with ideas to change human behavior for the better – by making it fun. These ideas are the kind I am looking for in my current project, ‘Innovate: Consolidate’.

OBSERVATION: People don’t use public stairs, they prefer to use the escalator.

SOLUTION: Piano stairs.

OBSERVATION: People don’t wipe their feet when they enter buildings.

SOLUTION: Turn the doormat into an interactive DJ scratch mat. By Felix Möller and Daniel Westhof

OBSERVATION: Dustbins are being ignored.

SOLUTION: Make the bin sound as if it were much, much deeper… By Francisco Morgado Véstia

OBSERVATION: Bottle banks aren’t being used.

SOLUTION: Turn the bank into an interactive arcade game!

OBSERVATION: Children dislike cleaning their room.

SOLUTION: Add magnets to clothing so it can be stuck to their bedroom wall. By Mert Hilmi Iseri

The Fun Theory