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Ashley Gilreath: I Am Who They Were

This necklace was made to represent the memory of my grandparent’s long staircase in their house. I want the viewer to see my history as the necklace wraps around, and to feel the sensation of climbing up and down the stairs as the images of my family line the walls. More importantly, I wanted my skin to show through as my family’s skin, so that my stories, my life and who I am as an individual is shown as the sum of all of the people that came before me.

I casted dollhouse frames from sterling silver and bronze, and printed my family directly onto the glass. I created a box clasp mechanism to support the weight of my loved ones.

Project Page

Ashley Gilreath


Continuum Fashion: CONSTRVCT

CONSTRVCT is a website where users can upload an image and have it applied to a real shirt, skirt or dress for purchase.



Continuum Fashion



Johnny Cupcakes T-shirt packaging

Various posts from The Dieline:Frosting T-shirts

Collaboration with Junk Food clothing

Dynamite Sticks

VHS style packaging for ‘There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix”, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes

Christopher Kane: Spring Season ’11 Pre-Collection

Full collection

Christopher Kane on London Fashion Week

Michelle Phan

Despite the popularity of the subject, well-executed make-up tutorial videos are rare. Michelle Phan however has earned millions of views not only through her impressive creations ideal for casual, special event and costume wear, but with her high excellent editing, picture and sound quality.

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Margaux Lange

Jewellery made from Barbie dolls:

Official Site

Official Etsy store

Charlie Bucket: Fluid Dress

Two years ago, Vimeo user Charlie Bucket uploaded his tubed sculpture and skirt containing coloured fluid that flows through the structure.

He has now moved on to his most ambitious project: a fluid dress, which demonstrates a greater control of liquid movement, activated by a pump hidden in the backpack.

Charlie Bucket

Discovered via: StumbleUpon and Boing Boing