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Charlie Bucket: Fluid Dress

Two years ago, Vimeo user Charlie Bucket uploaded his tubed sculpture and skirt containing coloured fluid that flows through the structure.

He has now moved on to his most ambitious project: a fluid dress, which demonstrates a greater control of liquid movement, activated by a pump hidden in the backpack.

Charlie Bucket

Discovered via: StumbleUpon and Boing Boing


Parte LLC: Playbutton

The Playbutton is a badge containing an mp3 player. Each one will hold a single album, thus providing a neat way of listening to music while preserving the album artwork.

Images via Cool Hunting


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Arduino LilyPad

The LilyPad is a microcontroller board designed to be attached to clothing and textiles. It has been credited for introducing many female users to electronics.

LilyPad Embroidery by Becky Stern.

LilyPad by Arduino

LilyPad in the Wild: How Hardwareʼs Long Tail is Supporting New Engineering and Design Communities (PDF)

Roundup: Alzheimer’s awareness advertising

Two excellent ads for Alzheimer’s disease awareness as found via Copyranter:

Real erasers turned into USB sticks by Colenso BBDO.

‘Fortunately’ by Saatchi & Saatchi Paris.

Aardman: ‘Dot’


Aardman Animations have set a Guinness World Record for “Smallest stop-motion animation character in a film”, with their new short film: ‘Dot’.

Shot entirely on the new Nokia N8, the ‘Dot’ film showcases the smartphone’s 12-megapixel photography capabilities and also celebrates the CellScope, an invention created by Professor Daniel Fletcher. The CellScope is a microscopic device attached to a Nokia handset, which the Professor used to produce life-saving technology: with his invention he has helped diagnose fatal diseases in remote areas of third world countries.

As part of the upcoming campaign to bring these types of amazing, authentic uses of technology to life, Nokia’s agency W+K briefed Aardman to create a microscopic animation. The brief immediately inspired one of Aardman’s youngest creative teams, Sumo Science directors Will Studd and Ed Patterson.

Nokia N-Series

Project page at Aardman

Aardman Official Site

Ron Arad: Rotator

More info at Dezeen

Ron Arad Official Site

Teuco Official Site

Siren Elise Wilhelmsen: 365

‘365’ is a clock that knits a scarf. It takes a whole day to knit a complete circuit, and knits a two-metre scarf every year.

As shown as part of the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin.

365 on Designboom

Siren Elise Wilhelmsen