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Tyree Callahan: Chromatic Typewriter

Images and info via My Modern Metropolis.

Tyree Callahan


James Houston: Big Ideas (don’t get any)

James Houston recreated ‘Nude‘ by Radiohead using old pieces of hardware. Click here to watch the video on Vimeo.

James Houston Official Site

Pileus – The Internet Umbrella

Created by Sho Hashimoto and Takashi Matsumoto, Pileus is a working prototype of an umbrella that connects to the internet and uses the cover as a projection screen. It contains a camera in the handle and instantly uploads photographs to Flickr. The user can scroll their online photo album with a flick of the wrist.

It also acts as a mapping device. The umbrella can also connect to Google Maps and display an image that updates with the user’s location.

Pileus Official Site

Sho Hashimoto

Takashi Matsumoto

The Fun Theory

The Fun Theory give awards to people who come up with ideas to change human behavior for the better – by making it fun. These ideas are the kind I am looking for in my current project, ‘Innovate: Consolidate’.

OBSERVATION: People don’t use public stairs, they prefer to use the escalator.

SOLUTION: Piano stairs.

OBSERVATION: People don’t wipe their feet when they enter buildings.

SOLUTION: Turn the doormat into an interactive DJ scratch mat. By Felix Möller and Daniel Westhof

OBSERVATION: Dustbins are being ignored.

SOLUTION: Make the bin sound as if it were much, much deeper… By Francisco Morgado Véstia

OBSERVATION: Bottle banks aren’t being used.

SOLUTION: Turn the bank into an interactive arcade game!

OBSERVATION: Children dislike cleaning their room.

SOLUTION: Add magnets to clothing so it can be stuck to their bedroom wall. By Mert Hilmi Iseri

The Fun Theory


This clock has a constant game of Pong on the LCD display, the score being the time. The time changes whenever a round is lost.

MONOCHRON (includes video and details on how to make your own clock)