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Jarrett Heather: Shop Vac kinetic type

THIS is how you do kinetic type.

Jarrett Heather

Jonathan Coulton

Roundup: Kinetic Typrography

For my current project I am interested in the idea of using kinetic type, so I have collected some notable existing examples. Finding good examples in terms of good typography and motion are difficult to find, but I feel the following three videos are ideal examples to look at.

Fight Club: Chemical Burn by Sebastian Jaramillo

This example uses good fonts and textures to represent not only the tone of the language, but the scenario the two characters are in.

Blink 182: Online Songs by character2

This uses images and changes of scene much more than most kinetic type videos. This was not created by a design student, which could indicate why it is much more pictorial.

House M.D. Commercial for NBC by Cultural Oil

Another animation combining images with type. Note the clever use of word play (“bored/board”) and the appearance resembling the House opening sequence.

These are the best three examples I have found so far, I will post any more interesting pieces if I find any.