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Ishac Bertran: Analog Vinyl Sampling

Music sampling has been done for years using different techniques. Currently samplers (either as a piece of hardware or as software) is the most extended tool for playing samples that can come from digital formatted music, live recording, vinyls or tapes. One of the most old techniques for sampling was cut&paste the audio tape.

Driven by my devotion for vinyls and analog processes (perhaps a bit of Dj wannabe too), and emulating the audio tape cut&paste technique, I tried to make the vinyl sampling a bit more analog – literally cut and paste pieces of vinyl to create samples.

Project Page

Ishac Bertran


Juan Rayos: Carving the Mountains

Featuring the Longboard Girls Crew.

Music by Pascal Comelade and The Decemberists.

Juan Rayos on Vimeo

Juan Rayos Official Site

Soul Hooligan

I don’t post music very often, but this had to be shared. From YouTube:

Hailing from Essex, England, Soul Hooligan began as a solo project in 1997 for producer Austin Reynolds. In 1998, he released his first single, “Sweet Pea.” In order to promote his music live, he added James Sumner (formerly of swing band the Big 6) on keyboards, harmonica, and vocals and Dave Jay on keyboards, melodica, and vocals. The first full-length, Music Like Dirt, was released in spring 2002. The group has also had tracks featured in films and television, including Driven and Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Soul Hooligan YouTube mix

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Happy Lander: Isle of Tune

Click here to play.

Happy Lander

Oglivy & Mather: Scrabble: The Block Project

Excellent viral ad. Really want to find out who did the music!

Oglivy & Mather

Discovered via: NOTCOT

Darren Solomon: In B Flat

‘In B Flat’ is a video and music project featuring a collection of musicians playing instruments in the key of B flat. Even when played randomly the music flows together perfectly. Via Google Creative Lab.

In B Flat

Darren Solomon

Discovered via: The Creative Internet by Google

Chris Milk: The Wilderness Downtown – Arcade Fire

Music video director Chris Milk created ‘The Wilderness Downtown’, a stunning interactive video to Arcade Fire’s ‘We Used to Wait’. Click here to see it (requires Google Chrome, download it here).

The Wilderness Downtown

Chris Milk

Arcade Fire