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Sin Lee Yau

More student’s work I found at D&AD, Sin Lee Yau has produced several interesting paper projects.

Promoting Malaysia

Playable paper maze, made as a promotional item for artand design magazine Plazm

Promotional book for Fedrigoni, ‘A World Within’

D&AD Profile

Official Behance


Highlights from D&AD New Blood 2012

Yesterday I attended D&AD New Blood. Here are some of my favourite projects there.

Terrain Fold Maps by Laura Dummett, Bucks New University.

Fedrigoni Gemstones by Lun Yau, Nottingham Trent University.

The Poetry of History by Sarah Elizabeth Essex, Plymouth University.

Bree-a uish-ga Whisky by Ben Lambe, Staffordshire University.

Masters of Japanese Fashion Exhibition Branding by Adrienne BonDurant from the American InterContinental University, London.

American Airlines advert by Jack & Kelly.

May Day: Origins, Traditions & The Future book by Rebecca Penmore, University of West England.

Great Barrier Reef Quilling by Rebecca Clemson, Stafforshire University (image from article here).

Other notable projects:

Oh Abre Alas book by Lisiane Dressler, Norwich University College of the Arts.

RAF Museum Identity by Chris Cole.

Women at War 3D Paper by Gemma Richardson.

Pattern Matters

Kinetic calendars:

3D infographics:

Official Site

Takayuki Hori: Oritsunagumono

Takayuki Hori is a Visual Communication student. His project, Oritsunagumono (things folded and connected) has just won him the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award.

Images here and here.

Terence Kitching: The Bee’s Knees

Project page at The Dieline

At Pace Official Site

Roundup: Highlights from The Dieline’s Top 100 Package Designs of 2010

Babees Honey by Ah&Oh

Business cards by Gitam BBDO.

Ciao Bella redesign by Taliford Mitchell.

Promotional calendar by Fedrigoni.

Moonstruck Chocolate by Sandstrom Partners.

View the full list here.

Randy Sarafan: $2 Bill Pad

Want to make your spare change more special? Instructables user Randy Sarafan shows you how to turn $100 worth of $2 bills into a tear-off pad without damaging them. Nice gift idea.

Instructables tutorial

Randy Sarafan Official Site