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Eytan and the Embassy: Everything Changes


Making of:

Directed by Joe Pickard

Eytan and the Embassy


Tristan Reidford

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An anonymous Tumblr user has taken famous films, analysed the most dominant colours and presented them in a long strip.

The Matrix

The Lion King

Hero/Ying Xiong

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Enter the Void

The Elephant Man

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Michelle Phan

Despite the popularity of the subject, well-executed make-up tutorial videos are rare. Michelle Phan however has earned millions of views not only through her impressive creations ideal for casual, special event and costume wear, but with her high excellent editing, picture and sound quality.

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Sam Taylor-Wood: Equals

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a video promoting equality and the event directed by Sam Taylor-Wood –  a good, thought-provoking piece of film.

Sam Taylor-Wood on Artnet

Margaux Lange

Jewellery made from Barbie dolls:

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First look at new Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider game

As presented in Game Informer’s January issue.

Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics