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Highlights from D&AD New Blood 2012

Yesterday I attended D&AD New Blood. Here are some of my favourite projects there.

Terrain Fold Maps by Laura Dummett, Bucks New University.

Fedrigoni Gemstones by Lun Yau, Nottingham Trent University.

The Poetry of History by Sarah Elizabeth Essex, Plymouth University.

Bree-a uish-ga Whisky by Ben Lambe, Staffordshire University.

Masters of Japanese Fashion Exhibition Branding by Adrienne BonDurant from the American InterContinental University, London.

American Airlines advert by Jack & Kelly.

May Day: Origins, Traditions & The Future book by Rebecca Penmore, University of West England.

Great Barrier Reef Quilling by Rebecca Clemson, Stafforshire University (image from article here).

Other notable projects:

Oh Abre Alas book by Lisiane Dressler, Norwich University College of the Arts.

RAF Museum Identity by Chris Cole.

Women at War 3D Paper by Gemma Richardson.


Dan McCarthy

Official Site

More work

Frederic Brodbeck: Cinemetrics


Project page

Frederic Brocbeck

AUCB Graphic Design degree show: Disperse

Great news! My end-of-year degree show, Disperse, is now online. All our major projects can now be viewed, and it has a great interactive logo. Please take a look! Oh, and my page is here.


James White: Help Japan

Poster for sale here. All proceeds will go towards the earthquake relief.

Official Project Page

James White


UPDATE 17/03/11: Buzzfeed has a large collection of artwork dedicated to Japan, many of which are also for sale to fund appeals.

Peter Ørntoft

Infographics in context

Framing Copenhagen

Organic Grid

DIY Magazine

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Brigada Creativa

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