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Tom Lewis

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El Mac and Retna

El Mac


D*Face: Ridiculous Pool Paint Attack

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Roundup: Street Art Utopia

Street Art Utopia has collected the 106 examples of art that have gained the most attention over the last year, although unfortunately not all include artist details. Here’s my favourites.


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200 posts! I love how this blog is getting on. To celebrate, here’s a special post about one of my favourite street artists, FAILE.

FAILE is a US art collective consisting of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Third founding member Aiko Nakagawa left the project in 2006 to create solo work under the name of Lady Aiko. Active since 2000, FAILE’s work consists of mixed-media wheatpasted artwork and stencil. Their work can now be found on a variety of media.




Street Art:

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More images from the Perry Rubenstein Gallery


JR is a photographer and street artist who takes lively close-ups of ordinary people and pastes their images large-scale in public places all around the world. As well as being visually striking, his projects provide a social commentary which has just seen him awarded with the highly regarded TED Prize.

Portrait of a Generation: portraits of suburban ‘thugs’ plastered around Paris.

Face2Face: Humourous portraits of Israelis and Palestinians are displayed side-by-side on the infamous separation barrier.

Women Are Heroes: focusing on women living in repressive areas, this project puts a human face on an oppressed group of society. This project has been turned into a film of the same name.

The Wrinkles of the City: ponders the memory of a city and its citizens.

Unframed: famous photographs are displayed in large scale.

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