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Ben the Illustrator

Berri Creations ad campaign

Alley Cats

The Mother Hen Project

‘Wish You Were Here’ poster

‘Natural’ greetings cards

Computer Arts – Creativity Helpers

Official Site


Malika Favre (NSFW)

Official Site

Chad Woodward: melodika

Available via Urban Graphic.

Images via Print & Pattern.

Chad Woodward

AUCB Graphic Design degree show: Disperse

Great news! My end-of-year degree show, Disperse, is now online. All our major projects can now be viewed, and it has a great interactive logo. Please take a look! Oh, and my page is here.



Google Translated Version

Chiho Aoshima

No official website available, images found here and here.

Extended gallery here (NSFW).

Moxie Sozo: Jade Monk

Moxie Sozo

Jade Monk