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AUCB Graphic Design degree show: Disperse

Great news! My end-of-year degree show, Disperse, is now online. All our major projects can now be viewed, and it has a great interactive logo. Please take a look! Oh, and my page is here.




Google Translated Version

Happy Lander: Isle of Tune

Click here to play.

Happy Lander

Darren Solomon: In B Flat

‘In B Flat’ is a video and music project featuring a collection of musicians playing instruments in the key of B flat. Even when played randomly the music flows together perfectly. Via Google Creative Lab.

In B Flat

Darren Solomon

Discovered via: The Creative Internet by Google

Kii Arens

Kii Arens (who has a very nicely designed website and a free font.)

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Tipp-Ex: A Hunter Shoots a Bear

Tipp-Ex have produced a hilarious and creative viral ad adventure. Contains bad language and behavior, so NSFW! I’ll upload details on the ad agency as soon as I find them.

Chris Milk: The Wilderness Downtown – Arcade Fire

Music video director Chris Milk created ‘The Wilderness Downtown’, a stunning interactive video to Arcade Fire’s ‘We Used to Wait’. Click here to see it (requires Google Chrome, download it here).

The Wilderness Downtown

Chris Milk

Arcade Fire