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Berrge Tattoo print advert

Via Hello You Creatives


Kaycie D.: Elements

CalciumIronCobaltNickelAntimonyEuropiumProject Page

Kaycie D.

Continuum Fashion: CONSTRVCT

CONSTRVCT is a website where users can upload an image and have it applied to a real shirt, skirt or dress for purchase.



Continuum Fashion



Johnny Cupcakes T-shirt packaging

Various posts from The Dieline:Frosting T-shirts

Collaboration with Junk Food clothing

Dynamite Sticks

VHS style packaging for ‘There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix”, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes

Eytan and the Embassy: Everything Changes


Making of:

Directed by Joe Pickard

Eytan and the Embassy

Katharina Seiler: Sky Doodle

Project Page

Katharina Seiler

Theory Films




Official Site