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Brian Andrews: Hominid

Brian Andrews



Theory Films




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MTV EMA 2011

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AUCB Graphic Design degree show: Disperse

Great news! My end-of-year degree show, Disperse, is now online. All our major projects can now be viewed, and it has a great interactive logo. Please take a look! Oh, and my page is here.


Roundup: Two New Cartoon Network Programmes (that have restored my faith in the channel…)


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is being touted as a guilty pleasure by many adults at the moment due its vastly different style to the previous look of the famous My Little Pony franchise. Great quality animation by Lauren Faust of The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Kids fame.



Sneak preview for The Amazing World of Gumball, which will begin in May this year.

Cartoon Network (USA)

Cartoon Network (UK)

Ryan J Woodward: Thought of You

Making of:

As part of the Conte Animated exhibition.

Ryan J Woodward Official Site

Ryan J Woodward Official Vimeo

TeamCerf: Meet Buck

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