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Roundup: QR Codes

Commando Nerd P8tch, as previously blogged about here.

QRious‘, a wallpaper by Rollup.

Minecraft QR code by Snowman.

N-Building by Teradadesign and Qosmo.

SET Japan produce designer QR codes. This one features work by Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami.

QRapping Paper with links to over 50 festive videos

Edible QR Codes by NYC Resistor for Google Demo Slam

Sand QR Code by SINAP

Balloon QR Code for the New York Times


Aesop stores

Aesop are a cosmetic company with several stores around the world. The design of each store is inspired by the shop’s location.

Aesop in Mayfair, London, designed by Studio Ilse, is inspired by Victorian designs. via Dezeen

Aesop Westbourne store in London kept the store space minimalist. Many of its furnishings and fixtures came from the nearby Portabello Road Market. via Yatzer

Aesop Shoreditch via The OneEightNine

Aesop Paris, designed by March Studio, features shelves inspired by Parisan parquetry, an aesthetic that is usually used on floors. via The Way to Be

The ceilings of Aesop Singapore, also by March Studio, are adorned with 30 km of coconut husk. via Dezeen

Aesop Flinder’s Lane, Melbourne, also March Studio, via The Cool Hunter

Aesop Zurich, also designed by March Studio. via The Cool Hunter

Aesop Basel, via Cool Stuff Around

Aesop Official Site

Gary Chang: Domestic Transformer

View photographs and room plan here.

Gary Chang Official Site

Maddie Chambers: Hand Made Hobbit Hole

Maddie Chambers spent several months making a replica miniature hobbit hole.

Official Site – includes the making process

Hydro Floors

Hydro Floors produce swimming pools that mechanically convert into floors, allowing the space to be used for other purposes when the pool is not in use.

Official Site