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Pileus – The Internet Umbrella

Created by Sho Hashimoto and Takashi Matsumoto, Pileus is a working prototype of an umbrella that connects to the internet and uses the cover as a projection screen. It contains a camera in the handle and instantly uploads photographs to Flickr. The user can scroll their online photo album with a flick of the wrist.

It also acts as a mapping device. The umbrella can also connect to Google Maps and display an image that updates with the user’s location.

Pileus Official Site

Sho Hashimoto

Takashi Matsumoto

Advertisements sells many, many amazing things.

8-Bit Dynamic Light Shirt. Sold as a pair for you and a loved one. The closer the shirts are, the more ‘lives’ they have.

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger. Able to charge several phones and hand-held game consoles.

Ultimate Survival Kit in a Water Bottle. Contains 13 vital items compacted into a one litre bottle.

Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella. Comes in blue and white.

Otto Plush Animal Bag. A neat way of storing all your child’s cuddly toys.

Shower Shock Caffeine Soap. Sure to wake you up in the morning.

Monkey-Picked Tea. Chinese Tea leaves from a village where monkeys are trained to pick them! (No monkeys are harmed or mistreated during this process.)

Illuminated JetBib Feeding System. To add a little realism if you like to ‘airplane’ your baby’s food into their mouth. The bib also lights up for that authentic runway look.

Antworks – Space Age Ant Habitat. A light-up ant farm filled with a gel the ants can both feed from and construct a nest.

Video Swim Mask. A pair of goggles with a built-in video camera.


Homebase: Transforming the Nation advertisements

For their latest ad campaign Homebase have been carrying out makeovers in public spaces. This one at Carlisle Station is my favourite – I love the bridge colour scheme.

Homebase on YouTube

Japanese beer machine

Gives you the perfect pint. Not sure who made this, but there’s several other videos of similar machines online.

Video uploaded by pud on YouTube

Design For the First World competition

It’s common for designers in the first world to try to create products or ideas to help citizens of less fortunate countries. This competition, however, is giving the opportunity for designers aged 13 or over in the developing world to solve problems in developed countries. They are looking for the following solutions:

  • Reduc­ing obesity.
  • Address­ing aging pop­u­la­tion and low birth rate.
  • Reduc­ing con­sump­tion rate of mass pro­duced goods.
  • Inte­grat­ing the immigrant population.

As a British citizen I can’t enter this competition, however I am very interested in seeing the final results.

Official Site

Grey Vancouver: GGRP cardboard record player

Grey Vancouver created a vinyl record sleeve for GGRP that also doubles as a record player, as shown by this demonstration:

More info at Marketing Magazine


The Fun Theory

The Fun Theory give awards to people who come up with ideas to change human behavior for the better – by making it fun. These ideas are the kind I am looking for in my current project, ‘Innovate: Consolidate’.

OBSERVATION: People don’t use public stairs, they prefer to use the escalator.

SOLUTION: Piano stairs.

OBSERVATION: People don’t wipe their feet when they enter buildings.

SOLUTION: Turn the doormat into an interactive DJ scratch mat. By Felix Möller and Daniel Westhof

OBSERVATION: Dustbins are being ignored.

SOLUTION: Make the bin sound as if it were much, much deeper… By Francisco Morgado Véstia

OBSERVATION: Bottle banks aren’t being used.

SOLUTION: Turn the bank into an interactive arcade game!

OBSERVATION: Children dislike cleaning their room.

SOLUTION: Add magnets to clothing so it can be stuck to their bedroom wall. By Mert Hilmi Iseri

The Fun Theory